Father’s Day

Today is the day we set aside to honor fathers. Mothers have their own day, so it is only right a father’s contributions also are recognized. For many years, a father was portrayed on television either as a somewhat aloof figure in the family, the wise one who earned the living and provided a stern course for his children to follow, or as a well-meaning, good-hearted bumbler succeeding with the help of his wise kids and wife.

Things have changed.

While it is true nothing can substitute for a mother’s warm love, a father’s affection and guidance – especially in these days when it is more than likely both parents work – is as important as anything to the well-being of children. Recent studies have shown what a positive influence a good father is to his children.

Can a family survive without a father who fully participates in the lives of his family? Of course. But it seems those kids whose father is there for them have an advantage over those who do not.

Happy Father’s Day.