Sheriff Mincks seeks info on vandalism spree

MARIETTA – A car full of vandals tore through the southwestern part of Washington County Thursday morning, possibly destroying between $15,000 and $20,000 worth of property.

Now the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is requesting help identifying the suspects, who were described by witnesses as four teenage males driving in a small red or maroon car.

Among other things, 17 houses reported battered mailboxes, said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

But, added Minks, “It was a little more than the mailbox damaging kind of stuff.”

The suspects used metal pipes and cinder blocks to break out windows in cars and homes. Vehicle interiors were damaged.

In one instance, the suspects let a tractor out of gear and let it run over an embankment, said Mincks.

Affected areas included Veto, Lake, Brackenridge, Canterbury and School House roads.

“It was a lot of stupid, destructive stuff the insurance company is going to have to take care of or people out of their own pocket,” said Mincks.

According to witnesses, the red vehicle had a dim tail light and a discolored door.

Victim Kathy Gibbs said she did not glimpse the suspects but is hopeful they will be found.

“I hope they catch them and I hope they have to pay for the damage,” she said.

Gibbs was awoken around 3 a.m. Thursday when a large landscaping block came crashing through a picture window in her dining room.

“It was pretty scary. That was probably my first thought that they were trying to get in,” said Gibbs.

If caught, the teens would likely be charged with criminal damaging, which is classified as a first-or second-degree misdemeanor, said Mincks.

Anyone with information about the vandalism spree should contact the sheriff’s office at 376-7070.