Talley hip with Twitter universe

If you’ve ever met former West Virginia University All-American Darryl Talley, one can’t help but come away impressed.

I had that opportunity on Wednesday and it’s 100 percent an experience I will not forget anytime soon.

Another experience I’d recommend is going to Twitter and looking up Talley.

The entertainment value is priceless if one spends the time to go through his old tweets.

“I haven’t retired,” Talley said when asked about not having made a tweet in a couple months. “When it first started I didn’t realize how big this thing would get and I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

He also proudly wears his attitude about his alma mater not playing in the Backyard Brawl anymore versus Pittsburgh.

“I hate that. I hate that. I hate that,” he profoundly stated. “I hate that because, I mean, that used to be, my opinion, one of the biggest rivalry games you could have.”

As far as WVU’s move to the Big 12, he admitted it was something athletics director Oliver Luck had to do.

“Oliver and I are from the same hometown and Oliver is going to do some great things for this university,” Talley noted. “Oliver knew it was going to be a huge uptaking. I think he did the best thing for West Virginia.”

Although I was too young to remember much from Talley’s playing days as an ‘Eer, I do recall ex-WVU All-American Grant Wiley’s career quite well.

I figured I’d ask Talley if he ever got the chance to meet Wiley, who surpassed him as the all-time Mountaineer career leader in tackles.

“No, I never got a chance to talk to him,” said Talley, whose record stood for more than two decades. “Records are made to be broken, but it took me a long time to catch Sam Huff, which a lot of folks fail to realize that to do what he did when he did it, to catch him, I was tickled pink as I could ever get.

“I was thinking to myself, OK, I actually caught this guy and I never thought or dreamed of it, but when they told me that I was getting close, I was like really, OK. I never paid any attention. I was just playing. I was having fun playing football. It’s what I enjoyed doing.”

As far as his ex-Buffalo teammate Jim Kelly, who is home recovering after having surgery on Monday to remove cancerous cells from his upper jaw, Talley said the Bills’ brethren knew about it for several weeks before it came out in the national media.

“Jim had been having problems with his teeth and he kept getting abscesses,” Talley said. “You know, our prayers are with him. He knows we are all here for him. Nobody would say anything because he (Kelly) said don’t tell anybody.

“What we do now, instead of talking to him, we text him. You think about that. That’s our quarterback that used to be running his mouth. It’s fun.”

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