Devil’s assault on Boy Scouts

I want the world to know the devil now has his evil claws around the throat of the Boy Scouts of America. He accomplished this when enough of the Boy Scouts “leadership” voted to open the Boys Scouts to homosexuality. Those shameful leaders fell under the domination of evil with their vote.

The evil one will not be satisfied with this coup, but will continue his push for complete rule over the lives of Scouting. These so-called leaders have just given their souls to the devil, and they will be held accountable when they face God.

To these men who voted to support evil, I say call for a revote and then cast your support for God and recall the Boy Scouts of America from the clutches of Satan. Repent and apologize first to God, then to the millions of Boy Scouts you’ve assaulted and insulted with your actions.

Pray for God’s guidance.

Eric Brant