The evolution of corruption

This letter is in response to Patrick Radcliff’s letter titled, “An evolutionary mystery solved.” While I am not a believer in the traditional scientific evolution theory, our Second Amendment right to bear arms is directly related to our personal survival and the protection of our loved ones.

Radcliff’s fourth and admittedly his most perplexing human behavior concerning the possible survival methods and mentality of self defense against a potentially rogue government should not be a mystery at all. For the very reasons he cited in theories 1-3, can be and must be applied to theory No. 4.

One need not be an extremist to see the writing on the wall, our government has taken aggressive steps to cause the average informed citizen to take a step back and sigh. Scandal after scandal is giving the informed citizen reason to further distrust and fear this out of control, mammoth governmental beast.

The Fast and Furious scandal shows a government trying to restrict our Second Amendment rights while selling fully automatic weapons to a Mexican cartel, an enemy of the United States, which ended up using those very same weapons against us, killing a United States Border Patrol officer.

The Benghazi scandal proves our government will not fight for us in the same way they expect us to fight for them. They shattered the “No Man Left Behind” policy in Benghazi when they sent no one to help the Benghazi ambassador and his team while under a full, well-armed attack.

The IRS scandal, full proof of the direction of the U.S. government. The IRS has been caught red-handed targeting conservative groups with names like “tea party” and “patriot.” This outrage is bipartisan and should be. All of us are now potential targets of the U.S. government.

Lastly, the AP scandal is a direct strike against our freedom of speech. The U.S. government has been monitoring email and phone calls of the Associated Press, and certain conservative news reporters. This is a direct attack on our First Amendment right.

Radcliff lacks the complete, innate survival mentality, and while he has some understanding of survival, he is unable to ask a pivotal, well-rounded survival question, “what if.” “Hindsight is 20/20 and foresight is priceless.” Part of survival is identify an aggressor or enemy and the other part is preparing for the unseen aggressor or enemy.

Steven L. Conley