Parkersburg releases initial road paving list

PARKERSBURG – A list of paving projects for the city of Parkersburg will soon be put out to bid, but officials say they expect the list to grow as the process gets underway.

Mayor Bob Newell said the initial list represents about $1.2 million in work, but more likely will be done.

“Due to the volume (of work), the bid will likely come in lower under $1 million and we will add streets later,” he said.

Newell said the city’s Micro-PAVER pavement management system reviews and rates roads by reviewing condition and volume of traffic. Based on those ratings, roads are prioritized for repair during the summer months.

In years past the city allotted funding for road repairs and divided it between the nine council districts, having each Parkersburg City Council member then select streets within their districts for repairs, Newell said.

“It watered down the pool of money by dividing it among the districts, and then further watered it down but dividing it within the districts,” he said. “We stopped doing that years ago, and I don’t think we’d ever go back to that process.”

Newell said another advantage to having the city select streets based on the Micro-PAVER system is a reduction in costs.

“If they can do a whole sections of streets at the same time, they don’t have to tear down and then move to another area to do a short patch of street. In some cases they were only paving one block of a street, sometimes even just one lane,” he said. “We took it over to make sure we were doing whole streets and the correct streets.”

Even so, Newell said council members have been working with city officials to identify streets within their district that are in need of attention.

“If city council has one they want to switch around they can. It really is a working list,” he said.

Last year the city’s street repair project came in well below estimates, allowing more streets to be added. Newell said current list of projects will be altered and added to in the near future.

“This is a partial working list,” Newell said. “The companies bid on volume and material and not particular streets. We can change streets as we go, add some, or take some off.”

The streets marked for work to date include:

* Fern Street, from Sixth Avenue to Camden Avenue

* Grandview Street from 715 Grandview to Front Street

* 10th Avenue from Wilbur Street to Elder Street.

* Olive Street from West Virginia 95 to northwest dead end

* Broadway Avenue from Ridgeway Avenue to 13th Avenue

* 21st Avenue from Capital Drive to Beverly Street

* 14th Avenue from Pike Street for 520 feet

* 16th Avenue from Beverly Street to Fairfax Street

* Broadway Extension from Belmont Road to Pennsylvania Avenue

* Fourth Avenue from Lubeck Avenue to Fort Boreman

* Adams Street from Camden Avenue to Fourth Avenue

* Eighth Avenue from Victoria Avenue to the end

* Seventh Avenue from Victoria Avenue to the end

* 16th Street from St. Marys Avenue to Stephenson Avenue

* 17th Street from Stephenson Avenue to Park Street

* Oakhurst Avenue from Plum Street to Liberty Street

* Swann Street from Seventh Street to Grafton Street

* Avery Street from Seventh Street to 13th Street

* 11th Street from Avery Street to Cornwall Street

* 26th Street from Ohio Avenue to Murdoch Avenue

* 12th Street from Garfield Avenue for 300 feet

* 16th Street from Market Street and Cornwall Street

* Alley from 22nd Street to 24th Street

* St. Marys Avenue from 19th Street to Dudley Avenue

* Washington Avenue from Dudley Avenue to Park Avenue

* Clement Avenue from 23rd Street to 25th Street

* Maxwell Avenue from 18th Street to 19th Street

* Eastlawn Avenue from Worthington Street to Seventh Street

* 25th Street from Harrison Avenue to Gant Avenue

* Putnam Street from Seventh Street to south dead end

* Hudson Street from Foley Avenue to 35th Street

* 31st Street from Plum Street to Liberty Street

* Riverview Drive from Murdoch Avenue to the end

* Lakeview Drive from Hemlock Avenue to Linden Street

* very Street from 33rd Street to Lakeview Drive

* 40th Street from Willard Street to Emerson Avenue

* 42nd Street from Cypress Street to Stella Street