Time to study the Fair Tax

It appears to be clear now the IRS has violated the constitutional rights of every American. It is chilling they would treat various people and organizations in a way that suits their ideology rather than the parameters of law. I believe we need to give serious consideration to the abolition of the IRS and implement the “Fair Tax.”

This plan has been studied for many years. Some of the high parts of the law are: if you make $600 a week you would get a pay check for $600. Then it would be up to you how to spend your money. In order to maintain the same amount of revenue, the government would need a 23 percent tax which is what is referred to as “revenue neutral.” This will come from what you spend. For example if you wish to buy a Timex watch you might pay $123 ($100 plus 23 percent). If the rich person decides to buy a Rolex at $10,000 they would pay $12,300 ($10,000 plus 23 percent).

Even bad guys would pay taxes, which they don’t do now. Bad guys usually make a lot of money, albeit illegally. They buy expensive houses, cars, clothing watches, rings, etc. This law would extract taxes from them just as any other taxpaying citizen.

Another feature of the “Fair Tax” proposal would be that most folks would get a prebate at the beginning of the month to cover the cost of necessities, i.e., food, clothing, housing, etc. This amount would vary, but I will give a rough example. A family of four, husband, wife and two children would receive approximately $650 at the beginning of the month. That figure is a little dated, but it illustrates the general idea.

The “Fair Tax” will actually put Social Security and Medicare on more solid ground. It will eliminate the IRS and hold the government more responsible for how they spend money. That is one of the reasons they don’t like the idea. You decide how much taxes you want to pay.

The “Fair Tax” will probably only come about from the ground up, not from our leaders. They like the tax code just like it is because you and I have no clue what is in it. It is used to give favors to certain folks who help them out. We are not one of them. I would urge folks to study the “Fair Tax” and if you like the idea contact your representatives and let them know. Now is the time.

Larry Brogan