Put a stop to Common Core

Historically, and constitutionally, the U.S. public educational system was a province of state and local authorities. This created a symbiotic relationship between educators and parents that worked extremely well in our country for many, many, years. This cooperation and mutual respect drew a tight band around communities that held together diverse cultures and formed the essence of what we knew as the “The American Way of Life.”

Today, after over 50 years of cultural, political, and governmental evolution, we find ourselves saddled with a top-down educational system in which local boards, administrators, and teachers find themselves frustrated by directives, programs, and curricula over which they have little or no control. Likewise, parents and taxpayers are discouraged and feel helpless to change the system.

“Common Core Standards Initiative” is the latest poisonous educational scheme Washington concocted and brought through the back door via state boards of education. They added the sweet nectar of federal money, and are force-feeding the American people their vile brew.

The path of least resistance is always to dumb down education, take federal money and swallow their poisonous regulations and lower standards. Thereafter, the natural progression is to surrender local and state control of our children’s education to Washington. Parents may ask how Common Core concerns them and their children. Ask yourselves these questions:

* Why are higher math classes disappearing? Most junior and high school math classes are now generically known as Math, I, and II.

* Why is Honor’s Math disappearing in Wood County?

* Do we want our children indoctrinated by a system that lowers everyone to the lowest “Common Core Standard” of a nation, or taught to excel beyond the norm to their maximum potential?

* Do we want the primary spotlight of education focused on cultural diversity and political correctness, or instilling in children a sense of accomplishment and genuine self-esteem?

* Do we want the youth of our nation buried in a bureaucratic educational nightmare that teaches the erroneous belief that the American way of life is selfish?

* Do we want children lowered to the point of being trainees for industry?

* Do we want teachers treated like programmed robots by scripting their jobs?

* Where are the opportunities for our children to excel under Common Core?

Common Core is scheduled to be in full force next year. Therefore, the time to stop it is now. Get involved with “Stop Common Core!”

Jim Mullen