Not letting facts get in the way

May 19 was apparently The News and Sentinel’s day to recognize left-leaning idealogs who would never let facts get in the way of telling a story that favors their agenda. One only need read the first article on page 5A, an op-ed piece where the writer claims that no taxes are paid on financial transactions on Wall Street and that they need to “pay their fair share.”

The premise of his argument is absolutely inaccurate. The investments made in the stock and bond markets are what drive our economy and finance nearly all of the business conducted around the country. When such investments earn a profit, depending on how long the investment was owned, those profits are taxed at not less than 15 percent for long-term capital gains and up to the highest rate of 39.6 percent for short-term. Don’t you think that is more than a fair share?

The study referenced in the article reports findings from an organization no one has ever heard of and the writer does not explain. Who is PIRG and what is the basis on which the data contained in the report is derived?

Finally, the writer suggests the state’s treasury is to whom all the money belongs. Again the premise is way off. The money earned by the people and the companies that employ us belongs to those who earned it. Not the state.

Another writer claims that Obama’s socialism is working. Because of hard-working American people from Wall Street to Main Street, certain parts of the economy are working in spite of the burdens placed on society by a socialistic agenda. Let’s not forget that the Fed is continuing to print money with no apparent concern for the collapse this could create in the future. What seems clear is Obama is the most unqualified president having surrounded himself with people of similar qualities. All a recipe for scandal and cover up to hide the fact that they no not know what they do.

Another writer’s vision is that aliens take over the bodies of mostly Republicans and turn them into “crazed zombie gun nuts.” It is already illegal for criminals and the mentally unstable to purchase firearms – find a way to enforce the laws we have now. He also suggests that 10 percent of gun owners are preparing to do “battle with the government.” That is ridiculous. As long as the government is of and for the people, they should have nothing to fear.

Denny Harton