Health care or Obamacare?

I had to cancel an appointment with my Barlow/Vincent doctor that was scheduled for June 13, and they could not reschedule me until October. I asked the woman at my doctor’s office what the problem was. In the past, I could get another appointment the next day. She told me they got a whole new computer system they had to use, and the government told them the doctors could only schedule four appointments a day.

I asked her what a person should do, if you where really sick, and she said they told them to tell people to go to the emergency room, or go to QuickCare. This does not seem like we are making any advances, instead, we are going backward.

I can see why more doctors are retiring – they are tired of all the bureaucratic mess. If you go to the emergency room, it takes over four hours to get anything done there.

David L. Graber