Finally recognizing tyranny

Freedom of the press. It’s a bedrock of our Constitution, right there in the very first amendment. That means it’s one of the most important freedoms and rights guaranteed to this country, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press, all interlocked and interdependent.

The reason free speech and a free press are so important is because they are absolutely necessary to prevent a tyrannical government from breaking the rules and abusing the people with its powers. And freedom of religion is the very basis for the founding of this great country (even though ignorant hateful people have twisted it into freedom from religion).

In recent years, however, the press has abused this freedom by targeting an administration with which it politically disagrees, and more recently it has been supporting and ignoring the abuses of an administration with which it politically agrees. As a result, Obama has become so drunk with power, trodding on the Constitution with impunity, that his DOJ felt it could abuse those powers against the very press that supported him, without fear of reprisal.

But the press was shocked awake by the actions of the DOJ, and now all the abuses of the Obama administration are finally being exposed. They paint a cumulative picture of an arrogant, narcissistic, power-hungry tyrant, aloof and disdainful of the masses, casually stepping on the rules and breaking the laws. Never in the history of this great country has a president so abused our Constitution and his authority. The entitlement mentality has not only reached the White House, it emanates from it like a nuclear blast.

People are finally waking up and sweeping the dust off of their church bells and sounding the alarm. Conservatism and religion have been under attack from our very own government for four long years. And now the press is under attack as well. It’s a shame that is what it took for the press to wake up and defend the country from a tyrant, but wake up they have.

Better late than never.

John House