Soldier on the corner

A penny for a pencil

A nickel for a rhyme

Or I can sing a song for you

But that will cost a dime

Oh that, I left that arm in Europe

Fighting in the war

I also lost some buddies

On that distant shore

Don’t even think me bitter

And I ain’t one to brag

But can you believe our President

Sent me a special flag?

Yea, this ol’ corner is home for me

‘cept late when it gets dark

Then I have a special place

Over at the park

I heard all about it

I reckon yesterday

It’s alright to burn the flag

At least the justices say

Sure I’d go and fight tomorrow

To let Old Glory wave

And all of my buddies too

If they could leave their grave

That poor misguided fella

Who wants to see her burn

Might like a trip to Iraq

But I think he would soon return

Now Memorial Day is coming

And I’m taking up your time

But if I ain’t bad mistaken

It’s a nickel for a rhyme.