Books moms, dads can share with kids

Since May and June are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, here are a few great books that celebrate family!

First is the board books, “My Mom is the Best Circus” by Luciana Navarro Powell. This book illustrates all of the things a mom does in a day but through the eyes of a circus – like waking the kids, making breakfast, playing music with the kids, doing laundry, going to work, coming home to make dinner, cheering up a sad child, rough-housing and reading a book, all while wearing heels. This is a cute book showing all the jobs mom juggles and the board book aspect makes it great for toddlers!

“My Mom is the Best Circus” is published by Robin Corey Books. It is $7.99.

* * *

Fan-favorites Berenstain Bears return with “We Love Our Mom” and “We Love Our Dad” by Jan and Mike Berenstain. In “We Love Our Mom,” its spring and Mama Bear is taking care of her family – making breakfast, mending and washing clothes, fixing boo-boos, giving baths and reading stories. A visit to their grandparents gives the cubs an idea to make a scrapbook for Mama for Mother’s Day. Will their gift be a success? In “We Love Our Dad,” the cubs love going fishing and playing catch with Papa. They are happy he fixes things around the house and takes care of chores like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. But what can they do for him for Father’s Day? Maybe they can make coupons do his chores for him and let him relax? Will the coupons make Papa happy? These are a good books for young readers who are just starting to read whole books by themselves.

Both books are published by HarperFestival and are $3.99 each.

* * *

A young boy gives his grandma a gift in “A Special Gift for Grammy” by Jean Craighead George with illustrations by Steve Johsnon and Lou Fancher.

Hunter puts a pile of stones on his grandma’s porch as he’s getting ready to leave. His dad and grandma ask what will she do with the stones and he says what everyone does with stones. The mail carrier uses a stone to keep Grammy’s letters from blowing away. A neighbor takes two for a memorial for her pets. A Brownie uses them to point her friends in the right direction. A carpenter uses one to help fix Grammy’s screen door. her sister uses some to mark off her garden. Everyone uses the stones until there are only a few left. And Hunter has an idea of what to use those for! This is a warm story about unexpected gifts.

“A Special Gift for Grammy” is published by HarperCollins. It is $17.99.

* * *

Splat the Cat needs a gift in “Splat the Cat: The Perfect Present for Mom & Dad” based on the creation of Rob Scotton.

Splat wants to make the perfect gift for his parents. It’s a cardboard fish. But his sister made a pretty flower and his brother made a castle. Now he isn’t so sure about his gift. And neither are they. So they make improvements. Splat makes an octopus. His sister makes a mom necklace. His brother makes the castle bigger and fancier. They all think they can do better. And when they do make it better, they get the idea to work together on a present. What will their parents think? This story about a cute cat and his siblings will charm readers.

“Splat the Cat: The Perfect Present for Mom & Dad” is published by HarperFestival. It is $4.99.

* * *

A book celebrates playing horsey in “Giddy-Up, Daddy” by Troy Cummings.

Once there was a dad who was the best at playing horsey.He was quick, he didn’t buck and he even practiced his jumps. Until the day horse rustlers lured him away with sugar cubes and lassoed him. Now it is up to the kids to rescue him from a rodeo, bandits, a tightrope on a circus, a polo match, a race track and more. Will the kids catch the bandits and save their father? This is an imaginative, funny book that will give kids the giggles.

“Giddy-Up, Daddy” is published by Random House. It is $16.99.

* * *

A picky eater saves her parents from some mean vegetables in “How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans” by David LaRochelle with illustrations by Mark Fearing.

Every Tuesday, Martha’s family has green beans, and every Tuesday, Martha resists eating them. She does care if they are good for you like her mom says or make you strong like her dad says. Green beans are bad. But Martha didn’t realize just how bad until some bad guy beans come to town.

They chase old ladies, throw rotten tomatoes at teachers and tie up her parents! At first, Martha isn’t too worried that the beans have her parents – that means all the TV and late nights eating cookies she wants!

But by morning, she misses them and wants them back. So she goes to confront the beans the only way she knows how – by threatening to eat them! The beans don’t believe her! But will she do it? This is a hilarious book that will crack up both parents and kids. Maybe it will even challenge picky eaters to eat a green vegetable…before it’s too late!

“How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans” is published by Penguin. It is $16.99.