Ripley woman part of reality show

RIPLEY – In an effort to have a good time and make her home state proud, a West Virginian will compete on a reality competition show this summer.

“I want my fellow West Virginians to watch the show,” said Lindsey Donohoe, 29, a Ripley native. “I hope I make them proud that I am representing our state.”

Donohoe spent about a month in Mexico filming the third season of CMT’s “Redneck Island” following months of auditioning, discussion and interviews with the show’s producers.

She got the idea to try and get on the show after watching an episode of last season’s “Redneck Island.”

“I watched an episode and saw that they were looking for contestants for the next season and decided it wouldn’t hurt to go to the CMT website and see what they were looking for,” she said.

Donohoe, a case manager for youth with the Division of Juvenile Services in Mason, said she took the redneck quiz on the show’s page and did well.

“The questions were really easy and I kept wondering how people could get it wrong,” she said. “So I made an audition tape after doing a phone interview and a Skype interview with producers.”

In the audition tape, Donohone, the only West Virginia contestant this season, proved how redneck she is by hunting, skinning and cooking a rabbit.

A few weeks after she submitted the video online, she was sent to Los Angeles for a photoshoot and face-to-face interview.

“The whole time in L.A., I was sequestered in my hotel room,” Donohoe said. “I wasn’t allowed to leave my room for meals or to sightsee, it was crazy and really boring.”

From the face-to-face interview, she was informed she was headed to Mexico to be a contestant.

“I kept thinking that it was crazy and I would wake up from the dream,” Donohoe said. “Even now, with the show done filming, I don’t think I will believe it until I see it for myself on TV.”

Donohoe is not allowed to discuss the outcome of the show, what competitions she participated in or how long she participated.

“People will just have to watch to find out,” she said.

The show premieres on CMT at 10:30 p.m. June 5.

“My job, family and friends have been really supportive and I hope they are proud of the job I did,” Donohoe added.