Tuckers are ‘Golden Anniversary Couple’

DAVISVILLE – Commitment to one another is what has helped Mike and Glenna Tucker through 50 years of marriage.

The Davisville couple are The Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s Golden Anniversary Couple for May. They were married May 17, 1963, at the Church of Christ in Nitro, W.Va.

The couple have known each other most of their lives as Mike was good friends with Glenna’s brother, Jess, for many years throughout their youth in Putnum and Kanawha counties.

”I stayed at his house a lot and he stayed at my house a lot,” Mike said.

Around the time he was in seventh grade, there was a school party and Jess suggested Mike should take Glenna. He was resistant at first, but then decided to ask her.

” I did and that was the only date I had with her,” Mike said. ”We didn’t date again until I got out of college.”

After he attended Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn., and came home the two of them began seeing each other.

”I came back and she kinda struck my fancy,” Mike said. ”I have known her all my life. We went to church together all of our lives.”

The couple dated for three months before deciding to get married.

”She was the first girl I ever dated…,” Mike said.

”…and the last,” Glenna added with a laugh.

The couple have lived in Nitro, St. Albans, Hurricane, Millwood and came to Davisville in 2005. Mike retired from Kaiser Aluminum (now Constellium) in Jackson County in 2005. Glenna is still involved with the Courage to Change Community Recovery Center on Latrobe Street in Parkersburg.

The couple credits their faith in God and their commitment to each other in giving them the ability to be able to work through the challenging times in their lives together.

”I think everyone has up and downs,” Glenna said. ”We just decided to make the commitment to work things out.

”Everyone has things they need to work out and sometimes people don’t work them out.”

Mike agreed saying they have had their own challenges, everyone has. It depends on what the people want to put in their marriage.

”I never ever considered anything but marriage,” he said. ”There are a whole lot of people who don’t stay together very long.”

Mike said he would advise younger couples to stay away from places and situations that could cause temptation.

”If you don’t go to a bar, you won’t go out and get drunk,” he said. ”If you don’t go to a bar, your eye won’t wander and you won’t try to pick someone up.”

Glenna said it is important for a couple to be there for each other to enjoy the good times, but help in the more challenging times.

”I think it is important that when I am down that he stays up and vice-versa,” she said. ”When he is down, it is important that I encourage him to stay up.

”It is important for us not to be down at the same time, emotionally and mentally. To support one another through whatever problems are going on, I think that is really important.”

Many couples give into selfishness and end up not staying together.

”It is important to support one another,” Glenna said.

Glenna said over the years Mike has been very supportive and never tried to be controlling.

”He is a very calm and gentle person,” she said. ”That is what really attracted me to him.”

Mike said Glenna was always been supportive and loving. The was an excellent mother and caregiver to him and their kids.

”She supports me in anything I want to do,” he said.

The couple has three children, Kevin, Jill and Kara. They also have four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The couple’s plans for their anniversary are still pending as one of their children want to make it a dressed up affair.

They may do something on the actual anniversary date or they may wait until the time is right to do it up in style.

Looking back over their years together, the couple knew when they got married, they made to committment to stay together.

”When we got married, we just knew that when we committed to something that we were to stay with it,” Glenna said. ”It was not like today when if you don’t get along you can leave it. I think that is selfishness.