Start working for the country

After watching the Congressional inquiry hearing on May 8, about the Benghazi attack, I am compelled to write my first letter to the editor. I have been very concerned since the attack in September, but seeing the three witnesses give their accounts, I am overwhelmed. My concern is not so much political as it is fearful for our country and its citizens.

I understand we need to cut back; that is putting it mildly. I am also fairly certain the majority of Americans would be more than willing to sacrifice in any way possible to get our country back on its feet for future generations.

What I am having a huge problem with is the choices being made to decide where to cut. Republicans and Democrats must stop acting like kindergarteners and work together for the welfare of our country.

We all make mistakes, but we are supposed to learn from them, not keep making them. The lives lost in Benghazi could have been saved, or at least assisted in their valiant attempt to defend the ambassador and the consulate. For one man to have survived the attack and been aided in an effort to escape only to bleed to death because there was no help coming is abominable. This was not a battlefield; it was an American Embassy consulate on the anniversary of September 11, 2001. They should have had the manpower and a backup at the ready.

The families of all four men who lost their lives, and the 10 others injured (some severely) deserve to know how our government is justifying this and making the appropriate changes.

What a sad, sad situation when our military says no to aiding an American Embassy under attack. We are willing to sacrifice in an effort to get ourselves back on our feet, but risking the defense and security of our country is not an option – unacceptable.

Lucinda Spainhour