The problem is being silent

For the past eight months I have been completely dumbfounded at our president, secretary of state, attorney general, and others in high position in our federal government who have been involved in a blatant coverup of the Benghazi massacre. How long will it be until the people will rise up and demand the truth?

If my memory serves me correctly, Dick Nixon resigned for taking part in a cover up of a break-in that had nothing to do with his election. He won by a very large margin. Keep in mind that no one died in that break-in.

This massacre at Benghazi left four great Americans dead with no explanation from the White House or the State Department. Why will the president not use the word terrorist? Could it be that the same blood that runs in his veins runs in theirs?

I’m sure you have seen the president and Hillary Clinton come out to the microphone and make a few statements about Benghazi. The president talked in circles as usual. Hillary talked with her eyes shut. The way you can tell Hillary is lying is when she talks with her eyes shut. But when 2016 is mentioned, her lids disappear and she giggles like a school girl.

As to the president, I can’t tell when he is telling the truth. By the way, his statements that our costs will not go up one dime is true. Mine have gone up many, many dollars. He is a complete fake, but what else could you expect of a man who had never run a lemonade stand?

Two weeks after this killing of our brave Americans, the president talked to the United Nations and was still blaming a video instead of telling the truth. This very act smells of a cover-up – and I hear very little about impeachment. Who sent the lady henchman out to five different shows to paddle her lies?

It’s time for the American people to take charge of our country again and put a stop to this lying regime. The action he has taken and his stand on same sex marriage and morning after pills, which both have his approval, show his disdain for the very Bible he pretends to read. How he can sleep at night when he is promoting this illicit lifestyle and may cause young girls at 15 to have early sex is beyond my comprehension.

There is a silent majority that believe as I do. But the problem is they are silent.

Ivy Yoak