Books for mom on Mother’s Day

There are multiple great new books out in time for Mother’s Day!

Beth Kendrick tells the story of one woman’s past coming back to her right before her impending marriage in “The Week Before the Wedding.” Emily had a chaotic childhood with a mother always trading in husbands after her father died. Wanting stability, Emily has found a surgeon who seems absolutely perfect and they are getting married. But at their wedding site in Valentine, Vermont, Emily stumbles upon someone she thought she had left behind her ex-husband Ryan. Once a slacker she married on a whim out of college and left when it became apparent he wasn’t going to grow up, Ryan is now a successful film producer. And with her fiancee ignoring her all the time for work, her mother and mother-in-law clashing and her wild stepsister encouraging her, Emily is beginning to have second thoughts. Who does her heart belong to?

With great characterization and a captivating plot, this is a great spring read about first loves. “The Week Before the Wedding” is published by New American Library. It is $15 and 321 pages long.

* * *

Kathleen Long tells the story of one woman’s life in upheaval in “Changing Lanes.”

Abby thought she had it all a great job, a great fiancee and a great new home. But in one day she finds herself laid off from her columnist job, her fiancee disappeared to Paris, France, and her new home needs a lot of repairs. Moving home with her parents, she is lost and floundering. Then she runs into her old boyfriend Mick, who makes her start thinking of teenage Abby, and how much she has changed in her quest for perfection. Is perfect overrated? Has she been missing out? As Abby starts living her new life, she begins to question her old one. This is a good story of how life’s changes might not be a bad thing and being true to yourself. “Changing Lanes” is published by Amazon Publishing. It is $14.95 and 266 pages long.

* * *

New York Times bestselling author Nan Rossiter tells the story of three sisters dealing with loss in “More Than You Know.”Beryl, Isak and Rumer lived a wonderful childhood despite their father’s untimely death. But now that their mother has died, the three must return to their New Hampshire home. As the look to the past and their uncertain future now without their mother, the three bond again as sisters as the read through some of their mother’s things and discover a new side to her. And the three women begin questioning their relationships too. A story of mothers and sisters, this will bring a tear to your eye as well as warm your heart. “More Than You Know” is published by Kensington. It is $15 and 314 pages long.