Parkersburg native writes vampire novel

PARKERSBURG – A Parkersburg native living in Texas has written a book based in part on a ghost tale at Glenville State College.

“The Matriarch” is a vampire novel written by Kevin A. Ranson and was based in part on the legend Sarah Louisa “Sis” Linn.

In 1919, Linn was brutally killed by an unknown assailant in her home in what today is Clark Hall of the then-named Glenville Normal School where the spectre is reputed to haunt.

It is the story of how student Janiss Connelly learns the truth behind the murder and why there are more terrible ways to endure the afterlife than being a ghost when she has her own date with death and “undeath.”

“‘The Matriarch’ is an attempt to explore the horror and loneliness of being turned into a monster and having to survive in modern society,” Ranson said.

Without divulging the novel’s secrets, the protagonists paint a more thoughtful, three-dimensional portrait of the vampire, he said.

Ranson also wrote “The Spooky Chronicles,” a paranormal mystery and horror book series about a child who returns to life as a zombie, but continues to age.

“The Matriarch” was published by WTF Books.

Ranson also created and portrays its host, Grim D. Reaper, on the site and at fan conventions. He is a member of the Online Film Critics Society ( with film reviews appearing weekly on

“The Spooky Chronicles,” for young adults, is carried in all major online bookstores. “The Matriarch” is for older readers and is his first publication with WTF.

He started writing in grade school, making and selling his own comic books.

Ranson kept writing through junior high, high school and college until joining the Navy. In the Navy he spent years filling up notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean.

He and his wife, Linda S. Cowden, reside in the Houston, Texas, area with two dogs, three horses and a dozen cats.