Robert Yoho writes another Western

LITTLE HOCKING – Local author Robert Yoho has penned a seventh book, his fourth Western.

As a result of his work, Yoho has been asked to present a workshop on Western writing at the 2013 West Virginia Writers Conference June 7-9 at Cedar Lakes in Ripley.

The annual conference is the largest writing organization gathering in the state, the conference is open to anyone.

Yoho’s latest, “Nightfall Over Nicodemus” took him about six months to write.

“That is generally pretty standard for me,” he said. “The main character in my book is Damon Gates, who is a runaway slave. This book is another sequel to my Kellen Malone series. It is also my first Western with a black character in the leading role,” Yoho said.

According to a description of the book, Gates is a former slave, trying to scratch out a meager living and provide for his family in the wake of the Civil War. But on his way to buy a few head of cattle, he is captured by three outlaws who want to kill him for nothing more than his skin color. Enter Gabriel Burns, a legendary Texas gunman, riding to help a family of poor, Colorado homesteaders. Throw into the plot Kellen Malone, former lawman, rancher, and gunfighter, who is pursuing Burns, to bring him to justice for the murder of a young man. What happens when their paths converge makes for the beginning of “Nightfall Over Nicodeums.”

“I have done a bunch of reading and studying about the time period around the Civil War from the time I was a child and also for the last book I wrote, America’s History Is His Story,” Yoho said.

Born in Parkersburg, Yoho was still a child when his parents moved the family to a cattle farm in southeastern Ohio.

A graduate of Hyles Anderson College, Yoho has been employed in manufacturing for almost 30 years. At the same time, he works as a freelance writer for years in many fields. He hosted a weekly radio talk show for more than four years.

The author’s love of Westerns began while reading “Flint,” a novel by Western author, Louis L’Amour.

Married for more than 30 years, Yoho and his wife JoEllen have three children and two grandchildren.

Yoho is a member of the West Virginia Writers and has a book signing scheduled for May 18 at the Framing Gallery in Grand Central Mall, Vienna.