Father files lawsuit against daughter over accusations

PARKERSBURG – A father accused of sexual assault by his daughter filed a lawsuit against his accuser in Wood County Circuit Court.

According to filings in the office of Wood County Circuit Court Clerk, Scott F. Stewart of Wood County has filed suit against his daughter Holly Jane Belle, formerly known as Holly Jane Stewart, of Jackson County.

According to the lawsuit filed by Stewart’s attorney George Cosenza, during March and April of 2013 in Wood County and other areas in West Virginia, Ohio and the Internet, Belle published statements about Stewart.

She accused him of sexually molesting her when she was a minor. Belle also allegedly mailed items through the U.S. Postal Service making the accusations.

“These statements by the defendant were non-privileged communications to third parties and the statements were false,” the suit states. “The actions of the defendant with regard to publishing the defamatory statements about the plaintiff were intentional and willful and designed to injure the reputation of the plaintiff as well as cause him injury.”

Cosenza stated Stewart has suffered damage to his reputation as well as severe and extreme emotional distress as the result of Belle’s actions.

“The actions and conduct of the defendant has been intentional and so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all bounds of decency and to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” the suit states. “As a result Holly Jane Belle is liable to Scott Stewart for damages.”

Scott asked the court to award a judgment against the defendant for compensatory damage, for punitive damages and his attorney fees and other costs. He also asked for further relief the court would deem as necessary.

A jury trial is demanded.