More concerned about the wealthy

It is very discouraging when our elected officials are more concerned about the wealthy than they are the average person or the poor. Isn’t it strange that Congress is moving so fast on fixing the problem at the airports because some businesses people have been inconvenienced by waiting a few minutes to an hour. What about the veteran who has to wait months or years to get medical help after serving our country? What about the people who have to wait in line at the Social Security office, or the person applying for Medicare or Medicaid? What about the traffic controllers who were furloughed?

When Congress does the budget, they should think about the ordinary person who lives in this country. We don’t have private jets. We have to work for a living. We need to visit the social service departments of the city, county, state and federal government during lunch hour because the offices are only open from 9 to 5. How much are the workers in these departments paid? Instead of cutting services to people, we need to hire qualified people to help us. The Veterans Administration is the area where we should be spending more money rather than on weapons and other wasteful items. The records need to be computerized to speed up the assistance to them.

There are 12 areas they are not touching: long-term unemployment, Head Start, cancer treatment health research, low-income housing, student aid, Meals On Wheels, disaster relief, heating assistance, workplace safety, Obamacare and child care.

It is unfortunate the act of sequestration was of no consequence or concern until the people with money were affected. I urge our representatives and senators to reverse the cuts that are hurting poor people. We need a “Faithful Budget” which was has been written by many faith communities and can be found on the website for Network, which is a Catholic group working for social justice.

Margaret Meeker