Sen. Manchin’s gun law obsession

Well, Joe Manchin is at it again! He was on Fox News saying he is not giving up on his gun control legislation and is reworking it to try to get it past the Senate again. You see, the senator believes we need more gun legislation to control criminals, terrorists and crazy folks.

I guess Joe believes if we pass more gun laws that eventually the bad guys will follow them. However, nothing in his bill will make the bad guys follow the law. We presently have background checks and layers of gun laws. His additional law is a waste of paper and will only reduce the freedom under the Second Amendment of law-abiding citizens. I wonder what part of “shall not be infringed” Joe does not get.

He says 85 percent of West Virginians don’t want guns in the hands of criminals-well, duh! I also bet 85 percent of us don’t want more gun laws that will only reduce our Second Amendment right. While terrorists are blowing up our citizens, Joe is out there trying to restrict our right to bear arms pure and simple. I’ll bet when the folks in Boston were told to lock down their homes and shelter inside most wished they had a weapon to protect their family from the terrorist at large.

If you think our senator just wants to make us safer forget it. He just wants to help President Obama disarm America, no other explanation makes sense. Look at the senator’s voting record from Obama care to Planned Parenthood to gun control, Joe votes with the most extreme liberal-socialist Democrats 95 percent of the time. Look up his record yourself!

We West Virginians better not forget Joe’s voting history. Mr. Manchin believes we will forget how he actually voted five years from now, cause he’s a “good old boy,” and if he gets into trouble all he has to do is get out his rifle and shoot an Obamacare sign even though he has voted 100 percent to keep the Obamacare law. Folks we have got to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans and vote for principles. I will not forget that Mr. Manchin is actually a progressive-liberal at best. These people are slowly destroying the basic beliefs and principles handed down by our Founding Fathers.

Fred Dailey

St. Marys