Common Core’s long reach

Despite its lack of constitutional authority, the federal government relentlessly treads on the educational system with one giant bureaucratic boot after another.

The latest and perhaps the most bizarre and diabolical of all federal takeovers of education has a most unassuming and non-threatening title of “Common Core State Standards Initiative” (CCSSI). Once implemented, the federal government will control assessment tools, textbooks and computer programming used in education. A national data collection system called State Longitudinal Data Systems will work in tandem with Common Core to determine a child’s educational opportunities.

All school-choice programs will quickly turn into federally approved programs, and the educational system will, in all practicality, be centralized in Washington, D.C., where great schemes hatch and monumental malfeasance and breathtaking failures grow like weeds in vast bureaucratic meadows.

The national data collection system will follow a child from kindergarten to adulthood. IQ scores, test scores, disciplinary and medical records are just a few of the data with which students’ educational and job opportunities will be afforded. Over 400 data points collected by schools will include personal, financial and family information that will be shared with government and private entities.

This clandestine project bypassed the state and federal legislative processes and went unnoticed and unreported to Congress and state legislators. State boards of education bureaucracies approved most of the measures. Not surprisingly, promises of billions of dollars from the federal government and from liberal, private foundations, seduced these boards. Amazingly, they signed on to the standards before they were even written; West Virginia’s state Board of Education included.

The National Governor’s Association and the Chief Council of State School Officers signed off on CCSS, yet they have no legal authority for its implementation.

The Obama administration poured billions of dollars into the bribes for states from “Stimulus” money, “No Child Left Behind” waivers (the unfunded mandate from the Bush-era), more Title I funding and Race to the Top inducements.

When one understands the federal government’s penchant for, and indeed, their record of, heavy-handed control and underperforming results, one can see this “Common Core” thrust is but the initial salvo for Washington’s complete and total domination of education at every level.

Disinformation and subterfuge are the means by which government expands oppression. States around this nation are in a life-struggle to bare the truth about this federal government’s oppressive invasion. In weeks to come Americans must join local, state and national groups engaging in opposition to this outrage.

Jim Mullen