America’s 40 years of shame

As we plan to honor our mothers this month, let us not forget to pray for the 3,228 mothers who choose each day to return to Almighty God the precious souls he has entrusted them with.

And should the little babe have such a strong will to live and somehow manages to survive poisoning, starvation, being burnt and dismemberment we call botched abortions, then he or she is greeted by a butcher like Dr. Gosnell with a pair of scissors or the caring folks at Planned Parenthood who will put them in a jar of “solution” to drown them. If you haven’t watched Fox News this week, then Google Lila Rose undercover videos, or the Gosnell trial, stories not carried by mainstream media.

West Virginia has two abortion clinics in Charleston and only one Planned Parenthood facility in Vienna. While our PP does not perform abortions, they refer and will help you obtain an abortion no matter how young you are. Go to to listen to an undercover 13-year-old girl’s phone call to the Vienna office.

As America hangs its head in shame for 40 years of legalized killing of 55-plus million of its children – pray daily for forgiveness for our nation. Then let legislators in Charleston know we want the two abortion clinics there regularly inspected and we don’t want to be one of the 18 states that uses tax dollars to pay for West Virginia abortions. Then contact the legislators in D.C., and let them know we don’t want a million of our tax dollars to go to America’s largest abortion provider, Panned Parenthood, each and every day of the year. Then let Planned Parenthood in Vienna know you are not welcome in our community or in the state of West Virginia!

West Virginians found the courage and wherewithal to break away from the slave-holding state of Virginia 150 years ago. Let’s lead the nation again to become the first state in the union with no Planned Parenthood facility.

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 18:10

Patty Cooper