Blennerhassett Middle School hosts spelling bee


Franklin Angelos of Wood County Christian School spelled walnut in the third round of the spelling bee Thursday among area second- and third-graders at Blennerhassett Middle School. Angelos, along with 21 other children, gathered with family, friends and faculty members of Wood County Schools to participate in the second/third and four/fifth grade spelling contests.

First, second and third prize winners for the combination of grade levels were presented with a trophy while other students received certificates for their participation.

The second and third grade competition winners were first place, Chloe Stump (North Christian), second place, Garrett Colvin (Vienna) and third place Chloe Lightfritz (Williamstown). Fourth and fifth grade winners were first place, Lars Nelson (Blennerhassett), second place, Chloe Arnold (Kanawha), and third place, Eric Wang (Neale).

Kim Matthews, curriculum director for Wood County Schools, said the group of fourth- and fifth-graders was a close match with Mara Rinehart from Williamstown coming in a “close” fourth place.

Area elementary schools were represented at what Matthews said was the elementary school “grand spell off.”

Lightfritz of Williamstown Elementary School walked to the microphone in her bright yellow summer dress with confidence each time she was asked to spell a word.

Marcella Rader from Neale Elementary School stepped up for another turn at the microphone when she turned to announcer Tammy Parker because she didn’t hear herself over the speakers.

Parker explained they were experiencing technical difficulties and the microphone wasn’t responding to the young girl’s voice.

After a few minutes of fiddling with the microphone, Rader tested it out with a “hello” as the crowd responded when her voice echoed from the speakers.

Matthews said all of the students showed a great effort in the competition and it’s a shame all of them couldn’t go home winners.

“Someone is always disappointed,” she said. “We tell them all they did a good job.”

Judges for the competition were Sue Ellen Johnson, Jody McCrady and Sandy McKinney. Karen Brunicardi, director of Elementary Schools for Wood County, presented students with trophies.

Words used in the contest were approved by the Wood County Elementary Spelling Bee Committee. Students were able to ask for the definition, for the pronouncer to use the word in a sentence and to repeat it.