Wednesday marks final scheduled two-hour delay for students

PARKERSBURG -Wednesday morning’s two-hour delay for Wood County Schools is the last scheduled this year for teachers as they gather to work on strategies and goals.

Judy Johnson, director of curriculum and instruction for Wood County Schools, said the two-hour delays have allowed teachers about an hour of planning time before they have to resume morning duties.

“Teachers arrive at regular time. Students arrive about an hour before school starts,” Johnson said. “Our teachers maybe get a good hour of planning time in before several have to leave for bus, hall and breakfast duties.”

The collaborative days started in December, setting aside four days of two-hour blocks to allow educators to meet and plan. One of those days was erased by a snow day.

Spacing out the four, two-hour delay collaborative times throughout the year was to give teachers more bite-sized periods in which to track achievement and adjust their classroom strategies. Johnson said teachers have been using the time to outline goals for the final nine weeks and what source material will be used.

Teachers must come up with an alternative plan if students fail to achieve the goals.

Johnson said she has a notebook full of feedback from teachers, which she will prepare for the board to review. Johnson said collaborative sessions vary county to county. In Marshall County on every Wednesday, students report to school one hour later as teachers work through the collaborative calendar.

The idea of delays in the morning was the best fit for causing the least amount of disruption to the school day, she said. When officials implemented the delay in December it was done thinking most parents would already have a plan in place for two-hour delays due to inclement weather.

Johnson noted school officials are not permitted to cancel an instructional day for the collaborative sessions.

“We can’t do that legally,” she said. “We can’t cancel a full instructional day for this to take place.”