School officials propose 2013-14 calendar

PARKERSBURG – Wood County officials building the school calendar for next year are hoping to follow the present calendar.

Judy Johnson, director of curriculum and instruction for Wood County Schools, said officials will present a draft of the proposed 2013-2014 calendar to the Board of Education next month.

Under the draft, teachers will report Aug. 19. The first instructional day for students will be Aug. 22. The last instructional day (counting snow days) will be June 11. Without snow days students would be dismissed June 5.

Johnson said the committee – consisting of representatives from service personnel, parent-teacher groups, the school board and the teacher organization – followed the guidelines from prior years in building the proposed calendar.

“To get off earlier we would have to start earlier,” Johnson said. “The committee wanted to keep the starting date the same as this year.”

The last day for students this year, because of snow days, is June 11.

In building next year’s calendar Johnson said officials had to work around Christmas falling in the middle of week, a late Easter and a primary election. Because of the Easter holiday (April 20) Spring Break is slated for the last week in March. Students are slated to be off Good Friday.

The draft includes five instructional support and enhancement days and 14 (non-paid) out-of-calendar days.

Johnson said the calendar committee was ready to propose its draft for the 2013-2014 year before lawmakers approved new educational legislation. Those changes are being delayed until 2014-2015.

“We are back to the original calendar that we had already completed prior to the new bill coming out,” Johnson said. “The committee was ready to propose it before the new educational legislation,” Johnson said.

Officials will present their draft to the board May 14.

Mike Winland, director of secondary schools for Wood County Schools, will meet with BOE officials to submit graduation dates for next year.