Get an attorney who will help

If you are seeking help from a attorney beware of whom you hire! After I was denied SSD benefits, I went to a an attorney and agreed to give one fourth of my backpay.

Little did I know that I would never see this attorney and the “case workers” were employees paid $10 per hour to work on my case. I also was not aware I hired an entire building full of people. I was told to refer any correspondence from Social Security to them and any new additional medical was to be sent to their office and they would send them to the Social Security office if they felt it would help my case.

After being denied again at the reconsideration level, the attorney office workers filed my appeal. I regularly saw several doctors and all new medical evidence was being copied by myself and delivered to the attorney’s office. Months went by without any communication from the law office. March 18, 2013, I had returned from my doctor and this time I made additional copies of my medical information and sent information to the Social Security myself. April 8, I was approved for benefits without a hearing.

I was awarded my backpay and the attorney’s office received over $5,860. Since I didn’t have a hearing or never saw my attorney, I thought my fee would be less. I was wrong! I had paid one-fourth of my backpay to this office to file a reconsideration and appeal. I could have done that myself! I asked the office for an itemized bill and a printout of when and what medical information was sent to Social Security and I was told it would take time to get it. After the third attempt I was given a letter saying they didn’t give itemized bills to clients.

I paid for an attorney that I never saw. I paid attorney fees for help from people making $10 per hour. I don’t even know if all the important medical information was sent to Social Security. I do know I was approved within a month after I sent medical information to Social Security myself. I probably paid $5,800 more than what I received.

My advice is find an attorney that works with you. Send all new medical information to Social Security as well as your attorney. This way you may get the help that you pay for.

Sidnee Farr