ATV trails expert attends Mountwood meeting

VOLCANO – Mountwood Park officials brought in an expert with experience working on ATV trails for Monday night’s meeting at the park.

Theresa Litteral is with the Rahall Transportation Institute in Huntington, a nonprofit institute for the multimodal transportation and economic development in West Virginia and 13 surrounding states of the Appalachian region, according to the website

The Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute (RTI) is funded through the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Litteral said she could help the board and committee for the ATV park with the details of constructing the ATV trails. She has experience in working with the Hatfield-McCoy trails by providing training, issue identification and resolution proposals.

The organization helps to coordinate with other parties about motorized trail issues, she said.

Park officials discussed the addition of a sign containing the new park logo for the entrance of the park. “We’re working on a new 4 by 8 sign to take the new logo from the website and put it on a new park sign,” Cross said.

Board members approved the addition of the new sign.

Mountwood Park does not have strict rules for campers or users of the park’s facilities to follow, said Cross. Cross has outlined a list of new rules and board members were asked to review the additions.

The board will discuss the rules at next month’s meeting, officials said.

In other park business:

  • Board member Chris Swarr said about 250 people participated in the recent mountain bike race at the park. He said it was a great turnout for the park and about half of the money raised from the event should go to benefit the park.

Participants used some of the park’s 50 miles of trails, with about 26 miles designed for mountain biking.

  • New signs will make it easy for those using the nature or biking trails, officials said.
  • Marketing chair Jean Ambrose said the new website will be ready May 1. The site will be the current address,, but have a new look, she said. Events such as the dig at Thornhill Mansion, the former estate of oil and gas pioneer W.C. Stiles, will be on the website calendar, Ambrose said.
  • Allen and Diane Conrad have taken over the park’s concession stand and boat rentals. The store will be open six days a week, excluding Mondays (unless it is a holiday) beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Allen Conrad said he and his wife will have the concessions and rentals open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., extending the hours in the summer months and busier season.