CCMC employees help hospital, co-workers

PARKERSBURG – The employees at Camden Clark Medical Center are continuing to grow together in helping the hospital and their fellow employees through two charitable funds.

A reception, with the theme of “Together We Grow,” was held Tuesday at the Memorial Campus for employees who contribute to the medical center’s Circle and Continuum charitable funds.

”This is our employee celebration for our two internal campaigns that are solely supported by employees in-house,” said Kim Couch, CCMC Foundation director. ”I don’t think anything would happen in the hospital without a concerted effort.

”This is a thank you for the employees who have been with us on these campaigns.”

The Continuum Campaign funds projects, services lines, technology within the Camden Clark Medical Center. It empowers employees to build a stronger hospital and provide better care to the patients.

Their support helps renovate, expand and create new technologies and facilities at the medical center that make a difference in the lives of the patients and their families, officials said.

The Circle Campaign is a separate fund where hospital employees support each other. The fund is available to employees who find themselves in a financial crisis beyond their control.

”Employees have been giving to projects in the hospital for years,” Couch said. ”We also want to sign up new employees or have people increase their pledges.”

Through the Continuum Campaign, employees have contributed to the building of the medical center’s Women’s Care Center, building the Cancer Outreach Center, helping with hospital renovations, and purchased a golf cart for volunteers to transport patients and their families to and from the parking areas.

Through the Circle Campaign, employees have provided emergency funds to other employees to help pay funeral bills and emergency expenses in times of great need. They have bought gift cards for people in an emergency situation when they have to go out of the area suddenly.

There are around 1,600 full-time employees at the medical center and about 600 of those contribute to one or both of these funds, Couch said.

”The employees do some pretty amazing things together as a team,” she said.

The Continuum Campaign helps fund projects that might not get funding otherwise through other sources.

”You can’t imagine how many people’s lives this has touched, not just the patients, but their families and caregivers,” Couch said. ”Over 20 years, there is not a single unit at the hospital that hasn’t been touched in some way by this campaign.”

The Circle Campaign has recently helped pay overwhelming funeral costs and helped meet other emergency needs for hospital employees. There is an application process and the applications are reviewed internally while respecting and maintaining the employee’s privacy.

”We don’t pay the employee directly,” Couch said. ”We pay bills and so on directly.

”I paid a funeral home directly the other day (on behalf of one employee).”

Since last February, the Circle Campaign has assisted 18 employees with $9,000 in funds through their contributions.

”A $2 donation every pay period may not seem like a lot but when someone finds themselves in a horrible situation,” Couch said, ”it is nice when your employee family can catch you.”

Amanda Holman, a clinical quality nurse specialist at Camden Clark, participates in both campaigns.

”I love the fact these offer to help people internally in the hospital and those in the community,” she said. ”I want to contribute in any way I can.”

Camden Clark President and CEO Mike King is pleased with the participation in both campaigns.

”We are always proud of how our employees respond to the foundation and each other,” he said. ”The idea of this is all about helping and supporting community service.

”We are thrilled to death that they are involved and participating.”