A crisis of leadership at WVU?

Just another scandal at West Virginia University “swept under the rug.” Certainly we wouldn’t want this to be the image of our state’s institution of higher learning?

As a citizen of West Virginia, I would ask Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who acted as the investigation “client” of West Virginia’s multimedia $110 million investigation, “Who were the responsible parties for the “sloppy and significant errors”?

“Sloppy and significant errors” of the $110 multimillion contract of the WVU multimedia rights… still with unanswered questions?

“Starting Over” …WVU President James Clements responded to the outcome of the attorney general’s report that there were “significant errors and sloppiness” and with a proposal to start over? The attorney general is a “client” of West Virginia University.

Perhaps the best way could to be to start over with a new West Virginia president? And investigating team? Where are the board of directors? Where are the House of Delegates and state Senate in this investigation? And why not call for further investigations? Certainly, the citizens of West Virginia would not wish to think there were players in the media contract who had their fingers too deep in the pie?

The West Virginia University would have been better served with a full-scale investigation by an independent group. Why did the WVU president not assert leadership in the contract? Would we conclude there is a crisis of leadership?

Alice Click

Mt. Alto