Teach respect for women

Some men have regressed in the treatment of women in cultures world wide, crimes against women need to stop. No person has the right to subject anyone to such horrific acts only for their own gratification; this is barbaric. We’ve progressed in technology, but yet there’s still stone age thinking. Stand up against this.

Don’t stand in a crowd of guys when crude and degrading jokes are spoken laughing at them or adding your own filthy gestures. We have to teach young boys to respect females, not to act superior or feel they are less equal to be treated as objects to gratify their own selfish desires.

When invasions occur against women and children it’s something they will carry to there grave. Men move on, but that invasion can affect every relationship the victim has. It will also start to eat like a cancer in the ones who committed the crime. They will become flawed in their character, judgment and treatment of others as a result. The victim didn’t choose the wrong done against them; they can’t choose to wipe it from their memory. Smells, sights, touch – many things can trigger emotions to come flooding back just as if it was that day all over again, like they’re imprisoned unable to move forward.

Every male should treat girls as human beings of great value not objects; they are sisters, mothers, aunts, and wives either presently or in the future and no one has the right to steal their peace of mind for the rest of their lives by committing crimes against them physical or verbal. Only by God’s grace and the support of loved ones can healing for these women and girls begin. Some never overcome it. Some choose such tragic endings as taking their life.

Unite together to move forward. We are all human beings of great value. Let’s begin to stand against the abuse, make the ones pay who do these things and teach our children to respect each other, not to look at any person as an object of no value to be used and abused. Men, show by example to your sons, grandsons and brothers kindness and respect to all females. Teach respect and tolerance for others by example. “Progression, not regression.”

Sheila Chapman

Athens, Ohio