Victory for criminals, terrorists

If you want to know the definition of “politics,” you need only look at the United States Senate. Every poll of Americans conducted over the past few months shows that between 82 percent and 93 percent of us support background checks for the purchase of firearms at gun shows and over the Internet. Even 85 percent of Fox News viewers support universal background checks.

On April 17, 54 percent of our elected senators voted to require background checks for gun show and Internet purchases. However, the bill was defeated because the Republicans in the Senate forced a rule that requires a 60 percent vote for passage.

Politics has trampled the will of the American people. Ohio’s Sen. Sherrod Brown voted for the bill and Sen. Rob Portman voted against it. Both of West Virginia’s senators voted in favor of background checks.

The defeat of this bill is a victory for terrorists and criminals. Their “right” to walk into a gun show or log onto the Internet and purchase as many guns as they want has been protected.

Jim Rapp

Lowell, Ohio