Wood BOE approves stadium demolition bid

PARKERSBURG – Members of the Wood County Board of Education unanimously approved the demolition contract for the Stadium Field bleachers Friday.

Board members spent about 30 minutes Friday discussing the contract with Ryan Taylor, president of Pickering Associates.

Board President Tim Yeater said the special meeting was to deal with the lone agenda item.

“This is not like a regular meeting,” he said.

There was no public discussion or comments.

Board members unanimously, 5-0, approved the contract to Mondo Building and Excavation for $216,900.

Mondo’s bid was almost $75,000 lower than the next lowest bid.

“$75,000 is a significant amount,” board member Jim Fox said. “That’s a significant savings.”

In addition to Mondo, officials also received demolition bids from Carl Walker Construction ($477,700); Grae-Con Construction ($344,965); Independence Excavating ($279,184) and United Construction ($344,000).

Board members asked if the bid specified prevailing wage and the use of local labor

Taylor said prevailing wage was specified. Local labor was not. Mondo is based in Marietta.

“I can’t tell contractors who to use,” he said. A representative of Mondo was at the meeting to answer questions. Board members asked him no questions.

Board members questioned Taylor about following up with regard to payment of prevailing wage and safety issues.

“I have no evidence either way,” Taylor said. “The trades (union) brought it to my attention. There’s no reason to believe they would not pay prevailing wages.”

Taylor also noted the company is bonded. If something is damaged, they will fix it, he said.

Board member John Marlow said it was brought to the board’s attention by the difference in the bids. Taylor said he called the three lowest bidders.

“I don’t ask how they do it,” he said. “We tell them what we want in the finished product. How they go about it is their business.”

Taylor said engineering officials reviewed all the bids the same way.

“They have to obey the contract documents,” he added. “We will be down there about every day. We are not going to let this get out of control.”

Taylor said he tried to analyze policies and follow the bid outline.

“I see no reason not to hire them,” he said. “You don’t have to follow my recommendation.”

Taylor said there will be a kickoff meeting Monday morning with the contractor and school officials. Demolition is expected to start mid-week.