Wood BOE scheduled to meet, approve demolition bid

PARKERSBURG – Members of the Wood County Board of Education are holding a special meeting Friday to approve the bid for demolition on the Stadium Field bleachers.

Ryan Taylor, president of Pickering Associates, was at Tuesday’s meeting expecting members to approve a bid, but no such item was on the agenda. Because of the lack of a vote, Taylor said demolition would be delayed.

Board member Jim Fox asked how quickly a vote could be taken, if a vote could be taken – under special circumstances – on the spot. He was told no. Fox asked how quickly a special meeting could be held. Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law said public notice requires three days. Law also noted the board already had a meeting set for Monday.

“We can’t delay this,” Fox said. “We don’t want to delay this one day. We need to push this.”

Earlier this year, the board approved $700,000 to help fund renovation costs to the home side of the Stadium Field bleachers. The board has the money for demolition and is moving to proceed. Officials want to complete the work on the bleachers in time for football season.

Board members agreed to meet Friday evening to approve the demolition bid. Taylor said he appreciates board members making the effort to meet Friday evening, but the special meeting – as opposed to approving the bids at Monday’s scheduled meeting – will have little-to-no impact with regard to expediency. Taylor said it will still be mid-week before demolition works begins.

“I appreciate them taking action,” he said. “That they are willing to come in to vote on this is appreciated.”

Taylor said he’s already been approved by the board to develop contracts, allowing officials to get much of the paperwork done before the bid is approved.