Guild’s ‘Monty’ a farce

While I have known about it for some time, your article in the paper concerning the opening of “The Full Monty” production by the Parkersburg Actor’s Guild has prompted this letter.

I have never seen the play, nor the movie, nor read the book the story is based upon, however, I have also never, (knowingly), eaten dog food, but I know innately that it would not be enjoyable. I have read the synopsis of the American version of the play and I am disgusted and dismayed the Guild would think this tripe is somehow entertaining and uplifting for the residents of Parkersburg.

The story is about out-of work steelworkers who basically want to present themselves as male dance review, ala the “Chippendales” dancers. Their attempt is unsuccessful until they come upon the brilliant idea to show “The Full Monty”-that is total frontal nudity, instead of using the G-string that is preferred by the professional dance troupe. Magically, this spurs ticket sales and the show becomes a great success. Along the way, two of the fellows develop a homosexual attraction to one another, the others come to terms with their body, personal and occupational issues, and it all ends happily ever after.

It is a musical, but do not expect Rodgers and Hammerstein. The lyrics are explicit and, I believe, pornographic. The “Sound of Music” this is not! I notice the directors and actors names are noticeably missing from the article, as I am certain they are embarrassed by their association with this sorry spectacle.

I have attended three performances of the Guild, and found them to be quality productions: “Anne of Green Gables,” “Flat Stanley” and “Man of LaMancha.” Why the Guild would even bother with this ridiculous titillating farce is beyond me.

I am well aware people will make their own choices on whether or not to attend this play, but because I feel the Guild has made a serious error in judgment concerning the mores of the Parkersburg community. Because of this, I seriously question their future judgment, and resolve I will never attend any production of the guild again, nor will I support them in any way.

Kenton B. Barton