Beware of Common Core issue

I am writing to bring light to Common Core, an issue that many people have never heard of. Common Core is a very problematic and unneeded issue relating to education that lowers standards.

Common Core goes hand in hand with Race to the Top and is also part of Agenda 21. Schools that participate in Race to the Top get a higher score by implementing Common Core. Common Core is not about education so much as it is about gaining more control and power over our children. It contains standards and methods that are dubious at best and created by an organization that has no oversight or accountability. It also contains data mining aspects that are very troubling. Why in the world would the federal government have a need to know your child’s hobbies and health history?

I can say there is not enough room on this page for me to go into the problems of Common Core. I can say parents are woefully uninformed; many have no idea the nationalized education program with federal testing to begin in 2014 has been introduced in their child’s school.

I ask parents and concerned citizens look up information on this issue, read it and get in touch with your school board and elected officials.

Jay Owens