Speak out on sewer project

This letter is in regards to the sewer project in Devola. I have done a lot of research in the last couple of weeks, looking at minutes from commission meetings and other sources and have found these facts. The sewer project has been planned for a number of years.

It’s not only is planned for Devola but also Oak Grove, Reno, and other surrounding areas around Marietta. The reason for this is because the Washington County commissioners signed an agreement with the city of Marietta to mandate sewer connections to every home in these areas, even before there was a nitrate problem in Devola. No one in these areas will have a choice to keep their septic systems, even if you just had a new one installed. Also every home owner will have to pay at least $15,000 to connect plus the monthly sewer bill to Marietta.

You may ask why is Oak Grove and Reno going to get sewer when they don’t have any water or septic problems? The answer is money of course. This is all going to pay for Marietta’s sewer plant upgrade in which the commissioners agreed to several years ago.

What they didn’t think of was the effect this is going to have on the local economy in the coming years, all levies will be voted down, lost revenue for businesses and probably more population decreases.

None of this has been mandated by the EPA, this is all been initiated by our local government. If you don’t want and have the money to pay for Marietta’s sewer plant, then I urge you to call the commissioners and the city and voice your opinion before it is too late.

Don Bules