BACF Basketball game is a battle for a cure

PARKERSBURG – ”It’s not just a game; it’s a battle for a cure.”

That’s what Friday night’s 12th annual Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis (BACF) Basketball Classic Ohio vs. West Virginia is all about – raising money to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

To do that, first with football and now with basketball, the BACF has gathered some of the best senior cagers – boys and girls – in the Mid-Ohio Valley on both sides of the Ohio River to play the sport they love for the cause of defeating CF.

Friday’s games at the Rod Oldham Athletic Center at Parkersburg South High School begin at 5:30 p.m. with the girls, followed at 7:30 p.m. by the boys. Tickets are $5 at the doors Friday starting at 4:30 p.m.

West Virginia leads the boys series 10-1, and also the girls series by a 6-5 margin.

Complete rosters follow:


Head coach: Rick Isaly, River; Assistant coach: Dan Liedtke, Fort Frye; Captain: Deidre Combs, Fort Frye

Alexis Walsh, 5-6, G, Marietta; Kayla Swiger, 5-8, G, Fairland; Mackenzie Ullman, 5-6, G, Warren; Emile Weaver, 5-9, F, River; Micayla Hupp, 5-10, F, Fort Frye; Amy Fleming, 5-10, F, Warren; Ariel Schweickart, 5-5, G, Fort Frye; Cassidy McCullough, 5-6, G/F, River; Morgan Liedtke, 5-7, PG, Fort Frye; Deidre Combs, 5-9, G, Fort Frye; Laken Camino, 5-8, F, Frontier; Alicia Murphy, 5-10, F, Ironton; Kaitlyn Cozzens, 5-8, F, Marietta; Jordanna Rauch, 5-6, G, Warren


Head coach: Kelly Sine, Paden City; Assistant coach: Greg Ullman, Herbert Hoover; Captain: Audra Clark, St. Marys

Tristin Toman, 5-8, G, Ritchie County; Melonna Carmichael, 5-1, PG, Ravenswood; Rachel Nill, 5-7, G, Parkersburg Catholic; Hannah Murray, 6-1, F, Ravenswood; Kenzie Smith, 5-8, G, Williamstown; Imani Ward, 6-0, F, Parkersburg; Dani Moore, 5-5, G, St. Marys; Logan Cosper, 5-3, G, Paden City; Leah Hughes, 5-10, G, Parkersburg Catholic; Megan Morrison, 5-5, PG, Parkersburg; Miranda Workman, 5-9, F, Parkersburg South; Brooke Cieslewski, 5-4, G, Williamstown; Audra Clark, 6-0, F, St. Marys; Kennedy Walker, 6-4, C, Parkersburg


Head coach: Matt Combs, Vinton County; Assistant coach: Blaine Gabriel, Alexander; Captain: Shon Smith, Fort Frye

Cody Midkiff, 6-0, G, Fairland; Jacob Blake, 5-10, G, Nelsonville-York; Dakota Hoffman, 6-0, PG, Belpre; Jordan Kidd, 6-2, G, Vinton County; Cody Caldwell, 6-2, G, River; Justus Ousley, 6-6, C, Wellston; Shon Smith, 5-11, G, Fort Frye; Tristan Myers, 6-3, F, Logan; Shawn Parsons, 5-9, G, Federal Hocking; Braden Jones, 6-1, F, Alexander; Ben Standiford, 6-6, F, Cambridge; Max Carney, 6-4, F, Federal Hocking; Devon Francis, 6-3, F, Cambridge; L.B. Remy, 6-2, G/F, Fort Frye


Head coach: Mike Fallon, Parkersburg South; Assistant coach: D.A. Wilson, Wirt County; Captain: Mark Winters, Magnolia

Tyler Bolen, 6-2, G, Parkersburg South; Andrew Cosper, 5-7, G, St. Marys; Dylan McCarty, 5-10, G, Point Pleasant; Casey Smith, 6-0, G, Ripley; Doug Dennis, 6-0, G, Parkersburg South; Austin Bayless, 6-1, F, St. Marys; Mark Winters, 6-6, F, Magnolia; D.J. Burgess, 6-0, F, Ritchie County; Darren Heintzman, 6-2, F, Tyler Consolidated; Ben Umpleby, 6-3, F, Parkersburg; Jamie Arnold, 5-10, G, Wood County Christian; Trevor Britton, 6-0, G, Parkersburg; Andrew Davis, 6-1, F, Ritchie County; Logan Cox, 6-4, F, Parkersburg South.