Honesty alive, well in our area

In spite of negative news, honesty is alive and well. With a mind operating on faulty “automatic” I left my purse in a shopping cart in the Vienna Walmart parking lot. When I stopped to make another purchase and realized my purse was missing, a feeling of near panic set in. House key, credit cards, money for monthly expenses, checkbook, social security number, cell phone – all gone.

All the way back to Walmart I prayed it would be found by an honest person – and it was! A young man brought the oh-so-welcome lost purse, nothing missing or bothered from the lost-and-found department. They did not know who turned it in.

Hopefully that person will be a News and Sentinel reader and realize what thankfulness and relief their act of honesty gave. Whoever that person is, my deepest gratitude and God bless.

Ann Henrie