Homosexuality is a sin

This is my response to all the letter-writing going on praising Sen. Portman for his sudden approval of homosexual marriage. I refuse to call it gay marriage, because the word gay once meant something nice. So the devil had some of his evil doers hijack the word to make something disgusting and abhorrent to God sound pretty. Remember the devil is a “liar and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

Homosexuality is a sin and always will be a sin. You can check it out for yourselves. Pick up the Bible and read the words of God. If anyone believes homosexuality is OK and the same for homosexual marriage, they are not Christians. They are followers of Satan. John 8:42-44, says one is either of God or of Satan. There is no middle ground.

When Sen. Portman or any other person says they approve of this sinful and abhorrent lifestyle and want the rest of us to go along, he and they are saying their children are better off with devil. Those who talk of God’s love for His children meaning God himself approves homosexuality, are ignorant of the truth, either blindly or deliberately. God does love all His children and nothing distresses Him more than to have to condemn one of His creations. His word says to each and every one of us.

Pick up your Bibles and read the truth for yourselves. Pray for God’s guidance.

Eric R. Brant