Paperwork lays foundation for stadium repairs

PARKERSBURG -Officials are starting the paperwork process for renovations at Parkersburg High’s Stadium Field.

The Wood County school system placed a legal ad this week seeking bids for the stadium renovations project.

Sue Woodward, assistant superintendent of Wood County Schools, said the board has the money for demolition and is moving to proceed.

“Since the stadium has been condemned and people won’t be sitting in the stadium, they might as well go ahead with demolition,” Woodward said. “We can’t fix it until it is demolished.”

Earlier this year, the board approved $700,000 to help fund renovation costs to the home side of the Stadium Field bleachers.

Tuesday, finance director Connie Roberts told board members money for the project will come into and go out of school accounts, not through the Stadium Committee.

Woodward is hoping officials will see a good turnout from the bid process. She cautioned the demolition is “selective” and requires a lot of contingencies.

“You can’t just swing a ball and haul it,” she said.

Woodward said the track has to be protected, the fencing removed and the work has to be done from inside the stadium. She said heavy equipment can’t be brought onto the cemetery behind the park.

“Protecting the field and the track is a large part of this first step, because all of the protection will remain in place during the reconstruction. There’s a lot of choreography for the setup of the demolition/construction.”

Demolition bids will be awarded April 9 at the board of education meeting. Ryan Taylor, president of Pickering Associates, will provide the board with a complete overview and timeline of the project. The project is being tailored to be finished in time for football season.