MOVTA approves phone system purchase

PARKERSBURG – The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority board approved a new telephone system during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The board will purchase the phone system for $6,862. MOVTA General Manager Tim Thomas said the current phone system dates back to 1987. He said the new phones have voicemail and extensions if needed.

Easy Rider ridership for February has increased by 5.7 percent compared to February 2012.

Board member Glenn Henson said he has been carrying a copy of each ridership report in his pocket for years. With the two new Vienna bus routes seeing an average of 17 people per hour last month, Henson said he uses the proof to show non-believers how many people ride the buses.

“It’s good to see that ridership is up,” said board vice president Belinda Fetty. “From 3 percent in the last year.”

Thomas said an employee with the title of route supervisor is retiring and a driver will be lifted to route supervisor. The issue of pay raises for all MOVTA employees was tabled.

Thomas asked the board members to consider raising the salaries of the two route supervisors. He said the salary would increase from $31,750 to $34,750.

The other route supervisor would be paid $34,500 because he does not have as much experience, Thomas said.

Board secretary Jim Asbury said he did not agree with the figures and thought including benefits there was no way the pay increase could save the MOVTA money, as Thomas suggested.

The board voted to increase the salaries, with the motion passing 4-2. Asbury and board member Sam Baldwin voted no.

The budget committee forming in May should look at pay raises for employees, MOVTA president Joe Roedersheimer said.

A safety and security plan will be drafted and given to the board members at a future date, Thomas said.