Stadium committee plans fundraising campaign

PARKERSBURG – Members of the Parkersburg High Stadium Committee gathered Monday to outline a plan of attack for a fundraising campaign to renovate the 90-year-old Stadium Field.

The committee’s goal was given a huge shot in the arm recently when the Wood County Board of Education approved $700,000 to assist with renovations to the home-side bleachers. The total cost of the project is $3 million.

The stadium committee has $100,000 on hand and plans to secure a $400,000 loan. The rest of the money will be generated through fundraising efforts.

Parkersburg High Principal Pam Goots said she wants to make people aware the project is for total renovation of the stadium.

Stadium committee treasurer Charlotte Potter said officials will meet with the banks Wednesday to discuss loan options. Potter said she will use the occasion to discuss charitable donations.

“I was hoping for a big check tonight,” committee president Earl Johnson joked. “It will give us something to work on for next week.”

In lieu of the giant check, Johnson asked committee members to remain charged to their assigned tasks.

Potter and the rest of the committee representatives plan to fan out to contact credit unions, civic groups, local government, business and industry sectors, alumni and former players for funding.

Officials are working on grant proposals to state and local charitable foundations.

Committee member Mike Hayden wants to establish a speakers bureau to meet with civic and alumni groups. Goots noted school officials provide summer tours to 12-14 alumni groups a year.

Officials are printing new tri-panel brochures to distribute to the community outlining the work and the funds needed. Letter and pledge forms will be mailed to alumni.

Officials are putting together a Facebook page.

Potter said she wants to make sure the stadium project remains out front.

Football coach Don Reeves asked about naming rights.

“How much would it take?” he asked to secure the naming rights to the stadium. Most members agreed on $2 million, but took no vote, citing the need for board approval.

“We are looking at options,” Johnson said.

“So someone writes a check for a million dollars and you tell them no?” committee member Rex Foster asked.

“We’d make accommodations,” Johnson said.

“That’d be a good problem to have,” Foster said.

Goots said the Key Club is planning a relay to Save the Stadium in April as a way to get the students involved in the process.

“Every little bit helps,” Potter said.