Brighten up the front door

With all the talk of bringing tourism into the Parkersburg area, has any thought been given to the riverfront area? The additions made and completed by the Corps of Engineers have really brought the riverfront up to being a gathering spot for many. The Queen travels up and down the Ohio River and docks in Marietta. Revenue, I feel, is being spent in Ohio. Why not bring that revenue into Parkersburg?

If the flood wall was painted another color than “cement” it would certainly bring the eyes of every boat cruising the waterway to look at Parkersburg in a new light. Currently, the view is gloomy and uninviting. The one bit of color on the wall has been there for years and doesn’t speak well for all that Parkersburg has to offer visitors.

I’ve often thought how great it would be for the community if different organizations might be interested in “adopting” a segment of the floodwall and painting it. It would be maintained by the organization and leased on an annual basis, thus bringing in more revenue for the city. I’ve also thought of the city hiring a mural artist who could do something amazing to the wall. The Oil and Gas Museum has a beautiful mural painted on it, who can’t we have something like that? Or, it can be painted basic white and colorful wind sails could be erected to provide the color needed.

Vendors could also bring in revenue. As a boater, I would be elated if I could pull up to a dock, tie my boat and go grab a hot dog and a cold drink. Vendors could sell apparel, such as hats and T-shirts, further promoting the Parkersburg area. Arts and crafts vendors would be a nice addition as well. To me, the riverfront area could do a lot more to bring in revenue if it were made more pleasing to the eye.

In short, if the mayor wants to bring tourism to the Parkersburg area, brighten up the “front door” and put out a very colorful “welcome” mat.

Gail Perrine

Reedsville, Ohio