The not-so-jolly DMV

So you had all your papers lined up and the pleasant lady at the DMV handled it smoothly. Hooray for you! You could have done without the snarky comment about the lady looking in her purse for additional papers.

How admirable that you had the foresight to live where your courthouse, holding all your records, did not burn down. Good planning. You, also, seem to have a house number and not a box number that you have had for years, and is the only way to reach your house out in the boonies. You had the foresight not to have a custodian whose mail goes to the custodian’s address and not yours. This makes it difficult to prove you have been living in your house for several years. I gather your house never burned either, with all of your papers in it, leaving you trying to assemble the impossible records. Your ex didn’t trash everything and then disappear on you? My, such really excellent planning.

These are all true stories and the DMV has not been so helpful or jolly. The one time, of four that I have been there, I heard the jolly lady push the papers back to a teary woman who had lost everything in a fire and say, “I just don’t know what to tell you!” Well if they don’t know then who does?

I overheard a young man being told his birth certificate wouldn’t do, when he said, “but the lady behind you said it would!” After some back and forth between he and the clerk, the other lady admitted she had told him that, and it would do. Gee, wonder what you would have done then? Kept smiling and happy?

Instead of snide comments and self-congratulating remarks about easy it was for you, how about trying to write about how we can fix these ridiculous laws that make criminals of those who can’t comply?

Ellen Davisson