8-year-old girl writes book to comfort broken-hearted sister

PARKERSBURG – “Relationships are Elementary.”

This is the title of the book 8-year-old Destiny Foutty of Washington, W.Va., said she wanted to write for her sister, Lindsay, to help her get over a longtime ex-boyfriend.

“I think it will help people going through the same situation,” Destiny said of her book. “I heard her crying sometimes and she was sad and that made me feel sad, so I wanted to help her.”

Doug and Laura Foutty have been married for 28 years and have three children, but they never expected to be blessed with the children they had, Laura Foutty said. After being told they may run into trouble having children, Laura gave birth to Lindsay, who is now 21.

About 13 years and many unanswered prayers later, the couple was blessed with Destiny, who is 8, and 17 months later, their son Reagan was born.

Lindsay said her sister wanted to put a smile back on her face at a difficult time. Although she didn’t want to hear it, the wisdom of her little sister was far beyond what she could have imagined, Lindsay said.

“She tried to tell me while I was going through it but I didn’t want to hear it,” Lindsay said. “I was having a hard time and she was just trying to help me.”

Destiny, nicknamed “Pip” by close family and friends, taught herself how to type her story on the computer. She said she had a long process of writing out notes and trying to decide how she wanted to convey her messages.

The book has short chapters along with little pieces of advice.

One analogy the 8-year-old came up with on her own was about fish, referred to as “different waters.”

“Sometimes we get confused,” Destiny began reading in her book. “There are goldfish that live in tap water and there are tropical fish that live in salt water, men are fish – find one in your own water.”

This was one of the many words of advice Destiny compiled into her book.

Containing spelling and grammar mistakes, including heart-shaped periods above her i’s, Destiny wrote the book from the then perspective of her 7-year-old self. Her mom said the spelling mistakes were just the start of the factors that made her daughter’s book one-of-a-kind.

“She’ll say things like ‘I’m 30 years old in my mind,'” mom Laura said of her daughter. “We just marvel at the wisdom that comes out of her mouth; she sees things in a different light.”

Destiny said she has plans of writing future books, including one on how to help young girls train their little brothers, something Destiny can take from her real life.

“There are five words every girl should know,” Destiny said of the premise of her next book. “I. Did. Not. Do. It.”

Destiny’s current book has been well received by not just her hometown area but other states as well. The little girl said she is tracking each state her book visits on a map at home.

Her mom said the books have been requested overseas as well as in Tennessee, North Carolina and California.

For more information on purchasing the books visit author Destiny’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/DestinyFoutty. The books will soon be available for purchase at the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg.