Parkersburg native finding success with YouTube video

MORGANTOWN – A Parkersburg native is getting a lot of attention from a comedic video he and a friend made and placed on YouTube.

When Tyler Murray, a 2007 Parkersburg South High School graduate, and his Morgantown native friend Andy Loud, a second-year law student at West Virginia University, made “Law School Parody” to the tune of Maroon 5’s “Payphone,” they had no idea what they had. Murray is the lead singer and Loud raps.

“We are getting a lot of attention and not on purpose,” said Murray. “The video has been up for a little more than two weeks and it has blown up; it has just snowballed.”

Since the video was posted on the video sharing site, it has been viewed more than 130,000 times. Murray attributes the high number of views to how well the viewers can sympathize with the story they are telling.

“It is super relatable to all college students,” he said. “Even though there are a lot of law school references, it is one of those videos that you can watch and understand exactly how they feel.”

This is the third video by Murray and Loud, who use the band name Chocolate Ghost House – taken from a level in the video game Super Mario World.

“I’ve been making and posting videos for years and never had this kind of attention before,” Murray said. “A lot of people who know me and my music have said they knew it would happen sometime soon and they were right.”

Although Murray and Loud have made music videos in the past, this one was made with competition in mind.

“We wanted to do a parody project for a while and when we found out about the Law Revue’s video contest, we knew we had to do it,” Murray said.

The annual contest is for law school students and the winners typically come from Harvard or Yale, he said.

“We want to be the best ambassadors for West Virginia that we can be and the more support we get, the better our chances of making that happen,” Murray said.

The duo has not entered their video into the contest, yet, which is one point Murray thinks is great.

“The fact that we haven’t submitted the video yet and are getting all of this attention is really cool,” he said. “I’m curious to see what happens.

“We will definitely enter the contest and I’m pretty sure we will win something,” Murray said.

One thing Murray was quick to point out is the personas he and Loud show in the video – Murray as the “goofy kid” and Loud as a “suave guy in the suit” – are how they are.

“The images we put out there of ourselves are really how we are,” he said. “It’s great that people are getting to know us and enjoying what we do.”