A rat in the judicial system

Does anyone out there remember a 2011 case in which a residence in Marietta was raided by the Washington County Major Crimes Task Force? The raid uncovered 15 pounds of synthetic marijuana, laced with a substance believed to be fingernail polish remover, thousands of dollars in cash and records that detailed tens of thousands of dollars in sales. The raid developed from a tip from a local parent whose child had been poisoned by the drug dealers living in this house.

So what happens to people in our county who get caught peddling poison to our kids and adults in our neighborhood? Nothing. The female pled to a misdemeanor possession of criminal tools. I think I’m beginning to smell a rat in our local justice system. Could it be that corruption has tainted the process in our local system?

So what’s a neighbor to do when he sees the drug activity continue as if nothing ever happened? Call the police? Or pray and keep the guns loaded?

Rick Headley